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      Important Dates

      View Full Ademic lendar??

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      Nov 14Balance of Winter 2023 Fees Due

      Nov 18Last Day to Withdraw From a Course Without Ademic Penalty

      Current Students

      Young woman smiling while holding her smart phone

      What you n expect this Term

      Your edution is an investment in yourself and your future

      Humber gives $7.6 million in scholarships, awards and bursaries

      Get Qualified. Get Recognized. Get Promoted.

      Continuous Professional Learning

      Start with the 5 ways to stack your resume

      The 12 areas of interest that cover your reer potential

      Meet the partners, industry experts and CPL professionals

      Humber Highlights

      Humber is a global leader in edution

      Longo Family Foundation Donates $5 Million to Humber

      Longo Faculty of Business and Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship named in recognition of gift.

      Experience innovation like never before

      Ranked first in nada for research partnerships, income and intensity

      The mpaign for Humber


      Help create an Unlimited future for Humber students.